Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Since I moved to Mobile several years ago I have repeatedly heard the locals complain that they hate living here because there is nothing to do. Really? Nothing? I have lived in towns where there is truly nothing to do and Mobile is not one of them. I'm guessing that these people just don't know enough about our community to know where to go for fun. I love exploring local attractions, historic sites, festivals and restaurants. There are also some great galleries, classes, walking tours and concerts that can be enjoyed. In fact, there's always something to do in Mobile and a lot of it won't cost you a dime. Join me as I give an honest critique of the best and worst of what the area has to offer for our entertainment.


Dave Robison said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere, a little late, but I'm glad you decided to do this!

I'll spread the word.


Kathleen said...

Renee! I hope you find the care and feeding of a blog to be to your liking. It can be a very rewarding - if demanding - endeavor. Now that I spend too much time on Facebook and Twitter, I kind of miss it ;-) Welcome!

rocket said...

Welcome Aboard!

I am looking forward to reading about Mobile, I'd like to take my family out there some day!